Safety is the top priority at Progress Light.


Our team constantly evaluates all aspects of our business to ensure we consistently improve our Safety Ecosystem

Always wear a helmet

Progress Light is proud to provide free helmets at our in person events, as well as online here

Ride safely, follow the rules of the road

All riders should keep two hands on the handlebars, stay within speed limits, and only ever have one rider per scooter.

Use the bike lane, stay in the service area

When accessible use the bike lane, always keep aware of who is sharing the road, stay in city boundaries and away from no-ride zones

Our Fleet

Always Innovating

Safety Team is constantly testing the current and new variations of our fleet. This allows Helbiz to have a 360 understanding of our abilities and limitations.

Collaborative Standards

Progress Light has worked with numerous experts to develop our repair and maintenance ecosystem.

Next-Gen Features

Progress Light is looking to innovate with all elements of our fleet, including the substantiality of our parts, the indicators of our sensors, and real-time models of our data to help encourage a safer fleet.

Who We Are

Our Community

Transparent Relationship

Transparent Relationship

Progress Light is committed to maximum transparency with all our customers about the characteristics of our e-scooters.

Outside Input

Outside Input

Progress Light has previously and will continue to engage with various community members and transportation experts to gain valuable input on the Safety Strategy

24/7 Support

24/7 Support

All community members can reach out to a highly trained member of Progress Lighht’s support team anytime any day.